Welcome to ESMI
the European Soft Matter Infrastructure project

ESMI is an incredible opportunity for the whole European Soft Matter community - not to the ESMI partners only

ESMI offers
- access to top-level infrastructure free of charge for the European Soft Matter scientists
- a networking programme for disseminating the knowledge and educating the next generation of Soft Matter scientists
- a Joint Research Activities to improve the existing infrastructure

The ESMI infrastructure consists of
- Experimental platform
- Synthesis platform
- Supercomputing platform

The following ESMI programmes are active
- ESMI Experimental Access programme - open to all users
- ESMI Synthesis Access programme - open to all users
- ESMI Supercomputing Access programme - open to all users
- ESMI Networking programme - ESMI members only
- ESMI Gender programme - ESMI members only
The ESMI programmes provide the European Soft Matter community with financial contribution upon positive evaluation of submitted proposals.

Theoretical support to the users is also offered by the ESMI scientists for the analysis of experimental data.

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Other FP7 Transnational Access activities
ESMI gender program
ESMI is determined to promote the participation of women in science. Financial support for women and assistance for parents are available through the ESMI gender program. Learn more...


ESMI combines world-class infrastructures with cutting edge scientific expertise through a sophisticatesd networking programme.

Joint Research Activities

The anticipated Joint Research Activities will further improve the existing infrastructure.

Transnational Access

Free access to:
- experimental techniques
- synthesis
- supercomputing
Latest News
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ESMI is co-financed by the European Union

ESMI is supported by the Soft Matter Journal

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ESMI is a Project of the European Commission
developed under the 7th Framework Programme © 2011 ESMI.
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